1 semester down

As I’m nearing the end of my 1st semester, I’m pretty satisfied with where I’m at so far. I have good grades, and made tons of new friends. It’s crazy how fast it has gone by. I’m on the verge of taking my first set of finals, which I’m not to excited about. I’ve never heard anything good about finals but I’m hoping they aren’t too bad. Our softball season is starting next semester and I’m pretty nervous about it, but I know it will be fun. I guess this is my last blog and at the beginning of the year I thought I would dread these but I actually don’t. They are surprisingly fun to write. I just might consider keeping my page and continue to write after the semester.

Favorite Blog

Out of all of the blogs I read, there were many fascinating ones. From everyone’s version of thanksgiving, to people’s random thoughts of the moment. I’d have to say my favorite one of the many was “The 5 don’ts of college” by Luke Arnold. This blog just basically made me laugh and at the same time, was sadly true. Talking about the expectations of college we all have in our heads, to the days we can’t even remember. We all have these huge visions of what we think college is going to be like, and in all reality, there’s a huge chance it’s nothing like that. Like his blog said though, just don’t be socially awkward. 🙂


I’m thankful that I am finally 18. I have the ability to vote and have my opinion on what is going on thought the government and world. I honestly do not like the president we have today. I do not agree with his health care laws and what he is doing with the national debt budget. I think we have have some really good presidents in the past, but he is one of the worst ones. I don’t think he is doing anything for our economy or helping find more jobs. I didn’t know much about the presidents in the past, but I’m confident they were better than the one we have now. There is a lot he can do to improve many things about our country. I know many people disagree with the way he is doing things and want someone new with new ideas. I know for a fact once the elections come back around, I will not be voting for him.

One wish

If I had one wish for someone else, it would be for my grandma. This is my dads mom and her name is Phyllis Anderson. She had a stroke couple of years ago, which caused her left side to barely be able to function anymore. She has to use a cane to be able to walk, it takes her a long time to get anywhere, and puts a lot of restrictions on what she can and can’t do. I would wish that that never happen and she would go back to how she was. I hate that we have to go places and do things without her. So if I had one wish for someone, it would definitely be for her.


Music has impacted a lot of lives and also society. There are tons of different kinds of music you can listen to. Music is always available and can help is many different ways. Music helps people through hard times, through break ups, through the good times, and the bad. It can be very emotional, and reflect on people’s moods. Music also comes in play between a mother and an unborn child. It helps them connect with each other. Music can help you relax, or you can listen to hyped up music before a game to get ready and excited. Music Is being used to help people in their lives and influence behavior. It is something that can be taken for granted too. Overall, music has had a huge impact on society and in my eyes, will continue to to so.


One of my favorite holidays Is thanksgiving. It is a time to reflect on all the things we are thankful for. I have an endless amount of things I am thankful for. I’m thankful for my wonderful family, my friends, my pets, my athletic ability, my chance to attend college, and my accomplishments so far through out my high school years in sports and academics. I’m also thankful for my amazing, supportive grandparents, my chance to grow up in a good, Christian home, be raised in church, and grow up in a small, close-knit town my whole life.


The truth is, I was never a fan of writing papers or even research papers at all. I thought I was awful at them and I thought they were a big waste of time. I honestly still think they are a waste of time, but I enjoy writing a lot more then I used to. I suppose I have always liked writing when I can just write about anything and not have a set goal. It’s when I have an outline and rules I’m supposed to follow that I start stressing out and not enjoy it at all. I love writing fictional stories that I can just make up off the top of my head and go with it. I think research papers are interesting, but not when I have to do a bunch of extra work with it. When I was younger and in grade school, we had a journal we wrote in everyday and I loved it. We could write about whatever we wanted. I wish all writing was like that and I would be fine, but for the most part, I have come to enjoy writing more each time.