The truth is, I was never a fan of writing papers or even research papers at all. I thought I was awful at them and I thought they were a big waste of time. I honestly still think they are a waste of time, but I enjoy writing a lot more then I used to. I suppose I have always liked writing when I can just write about anything and not have a set goal. It’s when I have an outline and rules I’m supposed to follow that I start stressing out and not enjoy it at all. I love writing fictional stories that I can just make up off the top of my head and go with it. I think research papers are interesting, but not when I have to do a bunch of extra work with it. When I was younger and in grade school, we had a journal we wrote in everyday and I loved it. We could write about whatever we wanted. I wish all writing was like that and I would be fine, but for the most part, I have come to enjoy writing more each time.

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