Elmore City

I’m from a very small town that goes by the name of Elmore City that I’ve had the privilege to grow up in. We have a population of about 700 and basically everyone knows everyone. Everyone in Elmore is so nice and willing to help with anything. Graduating last year, I grew up with almost my whole class and known them my whole life. Sports is a big deal in our town. The whole town is so supportive and love to watch us play. We are one of the only purple schools around our district and the same with our mascot, a Badger. I graduated with 30 people and our high school consists of about 150 people. Most people prefer bigger schools, but not me. I like knowing everybody, and everybody knowing me. I loved growing up in a small, close-knit town, and that’s where I will want me kids to grow up someday.

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